Subscription-free for teams under 10 people

Control and grow your small-to-mid 3D printing business with all-in-one easy to use management software

Customizable software for 3d printing business owners to manage the whole thing with: CRM, ERP, Production scheduling, Project, Team, Contractor and Docs management, Finances, and more.

Save time. Grow sales, production, and stay on schedule. Control materials and spare parts stock and usage. Reduce repairs, and expand 3d printers’ lifespan. Manage orders, jobs, finances, team, contractors, files and docs.

Leverage analytics to scale your small-to-mid 3D printing business, modify the system easily, and more... + BONUSES

Not just software, but a ready-to-use complete SYSTEM
  • P&L, and marketing report-making App for data analysis;
  • Printing price Calculator for FDM, SLA, and other technologies with infill and support parameters;
  • Guidebook with pro tips for finding your niche, efficient production, higher lead conversion, correct pricing, and more, based on 10 years of running a 3d printing service.

One software to manage the whole 3d printing business

Grow revenue and customer base with CRM

  • Buildup and work your customer base;
  • Follow up easily to close up to 30% more deals;
  • Control sales workflow and price - be consistent;
  • Gather and use feedback to do what customers really want.
  • Plan orders, modeling, slicing, printing, post-processing, and service jobs and see them got done by your team or contractors;
  • Never lose information, files, or time to find it. Gather all Order info on one page;
  • Control quantity and quality, identify and mitigate failures with built-in workflows.

Produce more, reduce defects, stay on schedule

  • Establish processes, delegate everithing to the point you feel comfortable, and control the outcome;
  • Save time for everyone;
  • Onboard, offboard, control access, and see team members' activity on one page. Easily create, find, and share documents.

Free yourself from routine

Reduce repairs, expand 3d printers’ lifespan

  • Get notified when to maintain each piece of equipment;
  • Plan repairs, identify underlying issues through history, and assess associated costs;
  • See printer-related info and state in one click.
  • Review revenue and margins for individual orders and overall in real time;
  • See what has been and will be paid, all finances at a glance;
  • Let everyone buy what they need while keeping the process under control.

Control how much you make and spend

Stay on top of material & spare part stock, and usage

  • Track parts and materials stock and usage online, and get notified when the stock is low;
  • Make resources accountable - schedule and carry out inventories easily;
  • Analyze usage data to plan better supply deals, or reveal patterns.

Collect data, earn even more, and grow your business

  • See what brings the most outcome, and concenrate on that;
  • Stay informed about every facet of your business;
  • Discover growth opportunities online, and in profit and loss/marketing analytic reports;
  • Collect use cases and know-how, and access them for reuse with a click of a button.
  • Modify existing or craft new personalized views in minutes;
  • Сreate workflows, templates, and buttons tailored to your specific processes;
  • Expand and refine the system as you grow without the need for coding.

Customize the system as you see fit

Start using 3DPBOSS in hours

  • Personalized quick-start paths based on business structure for faster onboarding;
  • Never get lost with place-specific instructions;
  • Access all necessary knowledge through our Info Hub, with the help of smart search.


How this software helped me manage, grow, and sell a 3dp service

I’ve founded, ran for 10 years, and sold my 3D printing business (here and here it is, and the full story) with the help of this System.
I couldn't find an adjustable all-in-one user-friendly and easy-to-use management software for a long while, but I didn't want to subscribe to a set of apps and get a pile of surplus functions, no changeability, and a fat recurring bill.
In 2022 I discovered no-code and the prototype was born and put to work. Later in 2022, I had to remotely control production (40+ printers, 5 people), and a new version literally saved my business.

The System allowed me to do 3 crucial things:
1. Remotely manage a big part of fluently changing and growing 3d printing business;
2. Reduce time spent on each activity so more can be done;
3. Gather, analyze, and leverage data for tactical and strategic decision-making and the exit deal (2022-2023).

Now, I want to share the System, and my experience, in the form of instruments and documents for: finding your niche, efficient production and client work, correct pricing, and more. So, together, it may become a foundation for your business's growth, as it was for mine.
3DPBOSS Creator

Questions and Answers

Options and pricing

  • 3d scanning
  • 3d modeling
  • Slicing
  • 3d printing
  • Post-processing
  • Service (packing, delivery...)
Documents and WIKI
Instructions (Info HUB)
2 onboarding paths
Free updates
Note of caution
All in Mini
Repairs and Maintenance
Spare parts
Tasks and projects
Team management
Procurements and Costs
Production analytics
Role-based dashboards
View constructor
1 hour of onboarding, and customization

All in Mini
All in Standard
CRM module:
  • Leads and deals
  • Clients
  • Contacts
Revenue, margin and analytics
2 hours of onboarding, and customization
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3DPBOSS is built on a Notion no-code environment, to be fully functional on a free plan, which allows for 10 people to work in the system.
If there are more than 10, or you want to store files > 5 MB inside you will have to upgrade to a paid tier, starting from $10/month.
  • Printing price Calculator App;
  • Guidebook with pro tips for finding your niche, efficient production, higher lead conversion, correct pricing, and more, based on 10 years of running a 3d printing service.
  • Printing price Calculator App;
  • P&L, and marketing reports generator App;
  • Guidebook with pro tips for finding your niche, efficient production, higher lead conversion, correct pricing, and more, based on 10 years of running a 3d printing service.

If later you decide to upgrade, all the data has to be transferred manually.
The more data you have, the longer to transfer.